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I sense myself changing,
Ebbing and flowing
Like a river,
Smoothing out the rougher patches of my being.
I feel my spirit
Stretching forth and coming through,
Like the hips of a teenager
Making themselves known.
I know what no longer serves me
Because what I’ve outgrown
Is no longer comfortable.
I notice now
The nuances I did not before;
I hear what you’re really saying
Woven slyly among your words,
And I understand
And can no longer be fooled
By pretty-winged things
That do not fly.

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lemon-tree-drawing-14Briefly she
Was a part of me,
And a part of her
As an individual being;
I dreamt of her toes
As they roamed this earth
One day
On their own accord;
I imagined her teeth
Peeked through a grin
At a joke her father told;
I heard the strength of her voice
Speaking out
Against some or all of the wrongs
She’d encounter in her life;
But just briefly she
Was a part of me,
And a part of her
As an individual being
Or so I had thought,
But I’m now unsure;
I do know she craved lemons
Both sour and sweet,
Just as I do
And just as she was;
But briefly she
Was a part of me
The first thing that me consider myself as a mother;
But briefly she
Was a part of me
The first time I planned out an entire future
But so briefly she
Was a part of me
The quietest joy I had ever encountered
But so, so briefly she
Was a part of me
And a part of her
As an individual being;
That part I’m not so sure,
But I named her Lemon
Just in case.

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Letting Go of Control


For the past few months, our business has been rolling along wonderfully. We’ve had time to tout our crazy-full guest calendars, revamp our welcome messages and leases, upgrade our advertisements, and put together fabulous owner packets for prospective leads. Our numbers and ratings were sky-high. In short, we had the business firmly under control.

Or at least we did, until a then-category 5 hurricane began swirling its way towards the Hawaiian islands. Guests cancelled left and right; flights were cancelled; we fielded calls and messages and inquiries and complaints all day for over a week. Our awesome numbers dropped and our chock-full calendars were marred by vacant days at the end of the month. I kept asking myself, what is happening? What did we do wrong?! Why?!

A looming hurricane felt like it had ruined everything (everything!), but the truth is that it took away our control. Hurricane Lane itself is naturally, and obviously, out of our control – but I couldn’t stop myself from running through ways of controlling the result of it. Could I open up our properties to last-minute reservations? Displaced guests? Surely one airline was still landing….

It was my fiancée that made me realize how ridiculous it all was. We had a major, potential natural disaster-level storm a few hundred miles away, and I was upset that guests had cancelled their trips? Of course they did! What in the world was I thinking?

f062b425bdf17d58915c9d0da25a3dedI realized that I love running my own business because I love having control. I love managing, watching, tinkering, tweaking things to be perfect. I dig it, and it’s been a way of life for me for a while – but it’s not really how life works.

Actually, Hurricane Lane is a pretty good metaphor for life. You can do everything on earth to ensure your life/home/business are picture-perfect and under control, and then something external and totally unexpected can swirl right through and cause some chaos and mayhem. And you have no choice but to do your best and just deal. 

As our business grows, I know the day is coming when I’ll have to relinquish control. I’ll have to trust. I’ll have to let it go – and that day is coming sooner rather than later.

In the meantime, I’m going to try to enjoy a few days off curled up with my man and dog until the storm passes.

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Progress: A Beautiful Thing

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m soooo stoked the weekend is finally here! I got to sleep in a little this morning, do some yoga, and grab some lunch with old friends. Of course, I snuck in some beach time too 🙂 beautiful, right?


The week was pretty hectic blog and work-wise, so I didn’t get to work out nearly as much as I would’ve liked. However, I did make the best of it, and something magical happened: since my plans got thrown off, I finally woke up and saw how much I’ve progressed. It’s crazy how you can get stuck thinking about where you want to be instead of how far you’ve come. 

A few days ago I had my ‘fast run’ day; I was slammed at work and scrambled to get out in time to fit it in before dark. Since I was a little short on time, I decided to run a mile as fast as I could and then go into my intervals (usually, I do a timed tempo run and don’t worry about distance.) I was shocked by how quickly I hit the one mile mark – I was far from winded and wasn’t even sweating. On a hot, humid, Hawaii day. I thought, I might’ve even come in under eight minutes!


Not only did I come in under eight minutes, I came in at 7:20. I haven’t ran a mile that fast since my first year of college! When running a 7-minute file was part of our fitness tests for the soccer team. Err, what?!

I’ve been running for a while now, but I’m happiest doing slow, long-distance stints as opposed to quick, fast ones. Since I’m doing my Spartan Race, though, I’ve been diligently knocking out my fast-paced runs & cardio each week. I never thought I’d be able to run a fast mile! And I’m still very, very far from where I want to be. My training is still in its infancy – I can finally see myself running longer and longer distances much faster, something I’ve always wanted but never thought could happen.

Even better, I’m not even sore after my runs! I’ve been doing more stretching, icing, and yoga, and paying attention to my post-run meals. I feel like I’m finally getting this stuff all figured out! And I’m going to spend this whole weekend relaxing and enjoying my progress.

Cheers to next week!


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Stay Blessed & Thankful

One thing I truly believe is that we should never forget how blessed we are. I always thought that when I entered the working world and settled into the 9-5 routine, I’d remember to appreciate everything I have.

Yet, here I am – and life is busy. When I’m not working, there’s dishes to wash, food to cook, errands to run, a house to clean. And somehow, my precious gratitude just got lost in the shuffle.

Right now I’m sitting in an airport awaiting a flight to Maui, for my first ever business trip. After a restless night and an early morning, I found myself whining and snapping at my fiancé just because.

In reality, though, it dawned on me. I should absolutely feel lucky to score a free trip to Maui, even if it’s only 12 hours and for work. I should be thankful that I have a job at all, and a chill one at that. I’ve already found the love of my life, who understands that I act up sometimes (especially in the mornings.) I mean, I live in such a beautiful place! All I have to do is look outside to feel blessed.

The point is that all of us have our blessings, no matter how they stack up against our struggles. And I feel like being thankful isn’t just good karma – it’s a pivotal part of happiness. Who doesn’t like feeling lucky? And we all are, at least in some way.

So take some time today to remember what you’re thankful for. To remind yourself of why you keep going, day after day, in this thing called life.

Stay blessed, folks.


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Fitness is Worth the Fight


Fitness is, without a doubt, worth the struggle. But for most of us, the battle of the bulge seems more like an all-out war – that we never seem to win. I’ve definitely reached lots of little goals, like running a 13k race, lifting heavier weights and conquering my former inability to perform a proper squat. But despite a slew of small-scale victories, I still feel like a sad, sore loser. Why? Becuase I can’t seem to win the damn war.

It’s not that I’m terribly unfit – I know that I am in decent shape – but I’m just not where I want to be. Maybe I’ve spent too much time on pinterest and following fitness junkies on instagram, my expectations are maybe a little high. Yes, I do want a fitspo-worthy bod from head to toe. But I am more than willing to put in the work.

At the beginning of the summer, I was stoked on my fitness level; I was alternating weights, surfing, and 5-mile runs on a daily basis with some double-days every week. I ate healthy and could see the beginnings of a sexy little four-pack coming to the surface. It took me about six long months to get there, with plenty of breakdowns and binges in between, but I did it. I was on my way to where I’d always wanted to be. Super duper fit.

But then summer actually happened, and all that progress went down the drain. I graduated college, which meant an onslaught of celebrations centered around food. And since I’d been depriving myself for months and had hit a major lifetime milestone, some indulging was bound to happen. I also spent my entire summer up until August traveling between Hawaii, California, Europe, and Indonesia – and a girl can only do so many sit-ups on the road. Fitness is the result of habits – consistent, daily efforts towards a single goal. It’s not exactly easy to keep up habits when everything that forms them (i.e., repetition, access to an oven & fridge, familiar surroundings) are fleeting.

I’m not mad at myself, becaues I don’t regret that pastries I ate in Paris or fried rice in Indonesia. I lived my post-college summer in the moment, happy, and with knowledge of the consequences. Since I’d been fit before, I just expected my body to bounce back faster – but we all know that the body will do as it pleases. I’m proud that my travels didn’t make me overweight or lose interest in fitness, but it is hard to start over from square one.

Now, instead of pushing myself, I have to hold myself back to prevent injuries and over-soreness. I’m chomping at the bit to conquer my former deadlifts and show off in the gym, but I have to take it slow. Like any aspiration or relationship, you have to build it up properly to get the results you want – and I’ll have to somehow find the patience to rebuild my progress.

Happy lifting,


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Happy Aloha Friday!

As you can see, I’ve moved my lovely little blog  back over to where it belongs – wordpress. Me and Blogger had a brief fling, but it wasn’t the makings of a long-standing shindig. Me and wordpress clicked right away – plus, I missed my followers 🙂

These last few weeks have been all quiet on the blog front, primarily because things have been busy & overwhelming in other parts of my life. First, I got a job! A post-college, respectable, awesome job. And although I dreaded drudging through an Office-Spacelike existence, I’m really digging the working world. My office is small, laid-back, and filled with awesome people that all get along. Instead of being greeted with lackluster-hello’s and a pile of boring paperwork, I was greeted with happy faces & vegan cupcakes.

Since the snack table is pretty close to my desk, I totally understand the whole falling out of shape at the office thing. But I’m lucky that my particular office isn’t riddled with cookies, cake and donuts. Instead, it’s filled with relatively healthy munchies, like fresh tropical fruits, home made vegan mango bread, and organic trail mix. It’s a fit girls snack heaven!

I’m also really, really lucky that my work day starts at 10 and ends at 6:30. I’m a morning person, so I feel like I have a whole day before work even starts! I absolutely love my mornings – I have plenty of time to run, hit the gym, or just laze about in the hammock with a good book. And since the sun doesn’t set till around 8ish, I have a little bit of time to go to the beach after I’m pau – after all, it is right down the street 🙂

I know I”m spoiled, blessed, and blissfully happy with how things are going. And now that I’m settling into my new schedule, I finally have the time and focus to get back into my blog. Happy Aloha Friday, folks, and cheers to a great weekend!

Plus, the best part about the office is getting to dress up! hehe.