Training While Injured

It’s been almost two weeks of non-soccer/non-running existence and let me tell you – the injured life is not a fun one. With lots of life changes like moving apartments & possible career shifts, it’s been a major struggle not being able to run through it all. Running is my mediation, my quiet, precious ‘me’ time, and I’m going a little bit crazy without it.

In a nutshell – resting ain’t easy.

To keep myself in shape for a busy marathon season, I’ve been supplementing as best as I can with bike riding, swimming, and lifting at the gym. The only good news is that I’m able to lift a lot heavier than usual because I’m not running. So, I’ve gotten to play around with compound movements like squats and snatches to keep myself strong.

I’ve also been stuck with the very boring task of ankle PT. I can’t explain why I hate it so much, but I totally do. I hate every second of it. I know it helps, but it’s so boring it’s like watching paint dry, except you have to be an active participant. Ugh.

Anyways, I just go cleared to ‘lightly jog’ for a few minutes and come back next week to get the final go ahead. I’m still benched from soccer, which starts this weekend, and banned from my Old Pali Road race this Sunday. So, for the next week, I’ll still be grumpy and difficult but hopefully will get my happy time back soon. 🙂

Happy Healing!


Motivation Monday: Starting Out & Starting Over

Happy Monday everybody! After a refreshing weekend, it actually feels good to be at work. I finally got so many little things done – cleaned my house, paid some bills, busted out some laundry and got in touch with some loved ones. I love waking up on a Monday knowing I’m organized & ready for the coming week.

Anyways, today’s Motivation Monday was inspired by a post from a few days ago. I talked about how re-starting a running program can feel like a brutal uphill battle for the first few weeks. And whether you’re lifting, running, trying out a hot yoga class or working out at home, starting out/starting over is tough.

The simple truth is that fitness is unforgiving. Fitness is a cold, hard bitch – she doesn’t lie or play games. Nor does she care how busy/stressed/sick/tired you are, or whatever’s going on in your life. She always reflects exactly how much work you’ve put in and how consistently you’ve done so. Fitness doesn’t accept excuses, valid or not.

I think that’s why so many of us fall victim to the falling off the wagon at the notorious 2-3 week mark. In fact, Gold’s Gym even has a name & date for it. They named February 18 the official ‘Fitness Cliff,’ when New Year’s resolution driven memberships peter off for the rest of the year.

Although none of us want to fall off the fitness cliff, it happens. We get busy, we get sick, tired, stressed, you name it.

I’m the first to admit it – the first 2-3 weeks are really rough. Unfortunately, we can’t skate by on the initial I-feel-like-amazing and I’m-so-glad-I’m-doing-this euphoria.

Two weeks in, we’re exhausted. We’re hungry, tired, and constantly sore. We don’t want another damn salad or another kale juice thing. Or even be in the presence of kale. We just want to climb a flight of stairs without it feeling like Mount Everest. And maybe some curly fries.

This is the point where most of us given in, give up, and go home to down an entire pint of ice cream and cry.

But this is also where we have to push through. On the other side of the 2-3 week wall is beautiful, sexy progress. Where the soreness simmers down and we start feeling like badasses. We run farther & faster, lift heavier, and finally conquer camel pose without passing out. Our taste buds have recovered and clean, healthy food starts to taste divine. Our favorite munchies just start to look processed, fake, and kind of Frankenstein-ish. We love our previously-loathed salad creations so much they’re taking over our Instagram. Curly fries? Bitch, please. I got kale.

The post-three-week mark, my friends, is where the magic happens.

Then fitness takes over our lives and every social media outlet possible and, well, you know the rest of the story. Happy endings all around.

I have no idea how this turned into such a lengthy post, but hey – it happens! And it’s something that I’m personally going through at the moment with my running. Have a good week y’all, and stay motivated!


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