If it Don’t Make Dollars, it Don’t Make Sense.

Let’s keep it real: businesses are designed to make money. Sure, there’s childhood dreams, life-long aspirations, passion, talent and love involved – but the purpose is positive cash flow. The whole idea is to make money in a different way.

Dreams & passion aside, we all need income to survive. To pay bills, keep a roof over our heads and food on the table. We don’t always like to talk about it, but it’s true.

When you start a business, the scariest leap is the financial one. Will this business make enough money for my life? Will I go into debt? Will I lose everything?

We were lucky that our business was pretty cheap to start. We had cleaning supplies, our real estate licenses, some software and a shared laptop in a one-bedroom apartment. That was it. As the business started to take shape, though, we constantly came up to the same obstacle:

This would be great for our business, but does it make financial sense to do so?

The answer to this question popped up as a lyric from one of our favorite groups: if it don’t make dollars, it don’t make sense. If it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work.

We wanted so many things: a luxe office space, all organic, locally made cleaning products, sustainable/fair trade cotton linens, and a third person to help us out.

We settled for a new laptop, a cheap desk from Walmart, and generic cleaning products/linens from amazon. It was what made financial sense at the time, and it was absolutely the right choice.

Two years later, we’re moving into a beautiful three-bedroom home so we can have a proper office. We’re still working towards our third person, but for now, we’ve started contracting out the cleanings and laundry work, so we can focus on accounting and growth.

It’s what makes dollars and sense, where we are right now. And that’s what has empowered our business to grow and improve without putting us into debt.

So keep in mind – if it doesn’t make dollars, it doesn’t make sense. You have to put YOU and YOUR business first. Before all the partnerships, collaborations, and shiny, attractive services you can’t quite afford yet. It doesn’t mean you have to give up on what you really want – it just means that you have to take your time to get there.

You Don’t Need a Makeover: Food Freedom Friday

You don’t need a makeover.
Yep, you read that right – no matter your weight, size, shape, gender or age, you DON’T need a makeover. The fitness/diet industry does. 

Imagine if you had a store that sold a single size of clothing – or offered a single, specified entree – or if Jamba Juice offered ONE smoothie?

It’s illogical to sell one specific item because we all know people are different. Some people like berries, some people like citrus fruits. Some people are short, others are tall. 

Yet, the diet and fitness industry gets away with selling us a single ideal per gender – a tall, muscular, chiseled and well portioned man, coupled with a slender, yet muscular, yet still distinctly feminine woman. And they make billions of dollars a year on the mere fact that the majority of the population is physically incapable of achieving the image they’re selling.

If you sell an unreachable image, customers will never stop buying. If we all looked perfect, why would we buy powders and pills and capsules and workout programs? There’s no money in the achievement; there’s money in the chase. 

So no, you don’t need a makeover. Healthy eating and exercise do yield a wonderful breadth of benefits, like increased energy, deeper sleep, higher dopamine and serotonin levels, better focus and cognitive function, improved digestive health, and the list continues. But being healthy looks different on every. single. person. Be you, and be healthy if you choose – but don’t let clever marketing and photoshop make the choice for you.

Motivation Monday: Reaching Goals


Every Monday is a gift. A fresh start, a clean slate, a chance to start the week with an open mind, positive vibes and a grateful heart.

We all have goals. Whether it’s to eat better, or run farther, to train for a race or show or just to see some definition in our arms or abs, we all work towards something. Goals are the ultimate motivation, because our efforts are moving us forward. With that momentum, we’re pretty much unstoppable.

Here’s some goal-oriented motivation for your goal-oriented selves and a kick off towards a great week!

Processed with VSCOcam with s2 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with s2 preset


Slow & Steady Wins the Race(s)

I’ve never been one to post (or even support) transformation photos. They’re equally discouraging & misleading; simple things like time of day, lighting and filters can turn a normal tummy into cut abs. Along with other nonsense overloading Instagram, like wraps, cleanses and crash diets, transformation photos give the illusion that immediate results are expected & achievable. Its just. not. right.

The harsh reality is that lasting health and weight loss take time, consistency, and a lot of patience. Between these two paradoxes, it’s easy to feel lost, or hopeless, or impatient, angry and frustrated, as many people are. But with enough time and consistency, transformation do happen.

Big magic just takes time.

When we see problems in our lives, we tend to think ‘big’; giving up entire food groups, or food altogether, or thinking we have to run six days a week to look or feel ‘healthy’. In reality, we should be thinking small. It might seem insignificant whether you grab a croissant or a banana with your coffee this morning, but over enough time, that choice has a powerful impact. The difference between the pastry and fruit is thousands of calories and grams of sugar over enough time. That croissant might make you feel sluggish every day, so you drink more coffee or soda and indulge in a heftier lunch. We’re effecting the lives of our future selves, and it’s not even 10 a.m.

I came to this epiphany after finding a Facebook photo of myself after my first half marathon two years ago, exhausted and beaming with pride. Because I see myself in the mirror every day, I don’t notice the subtle changes occurring. I was so stunned by it that I scrolled through my phone to find a picture of me running my last half marathon a few weeks ago – was that really me?

I realized that, because we live with ourselves every day, we don’t see the magic happening. I’ve been running consistently for two years, and my love affair has positively impacted all areas of my life. I seriously cut back on drinking, ate more healthfully and started playing soccer, which in turn caused weight loss and my own transformation. It happened organically and naturally – so much that I didn’t even notice it.

The takeaway: Positive life changes happen with consistency, time, and joy. We improve our lives on our own accord when we truly love what we’re doing. I think we all make the mistake of shooting for weight loss first, when it’s actually just a side effect of finding activities we enjoy and loving ourselves enough to take care of the bodies we live in.

New City, New Apartment, New Me

For the six years I’ve lived on the island, I’ve always been somewhat of a country girl. Even my dorms were out in the boonies! I’ve gotten used to crazy traffic, lots of driving, and the slow, patient beauty of the island’s east side. I fell in love with the majestic mountains and sparkling waters that captured my heart each and every day.

This month, though, I decided to change it up – and I fell hard in the love with hustle and bustle of Honolulu. My new job, soccer teams, and plenty of friends were all crammed in among the local eateries, shops, hotels, and ethnic restaurants that comprise Oahu’s biggest and busiest metropolis. It only made sense that I placed myself in the middle of the cacophony.

Now, I live in a small apartment a one mile walk to work and a two mile run to the nearest beach. I’ve barely even moved my car since I arrived here in Honolulu, as I’ve walked and ran pretty much everywhere. Since my former home in Kaneohe sat on a gigantic hill among other equally monstrous inclines, walking wasn’t much of an option and running was a serious struggle. Here in the city, my knees and hamstrings are thanking me as I swiftly run to the gym, beach, work, happy hour, a friend’s house – you name it, I will get myself there proudly on foot amidst the heat and faster than the traffic. I feel so healthy, happy, and accomplished by all the outdoor time that it’s made a significant difference in how I feel, think, and eat all day long.

Most importantly, I’m able to play soccer almost every.single. day. if I want to. There’s even a park with lights – a subject of great excitement for any player – that I can literally see from my apartment. I can train, run, or play there any night of the week without a second thought. With virtually no commute and lots of time strolling around outside, I’m happy. I feel more like myself. The city certainly has it’s issues, but nothing beats adding so.much.room.for.activities. to my life 🙂

I’ll definitely be enjoying my new running turf as long as this honeymoon phase lasts.

Happy Running!

#BeFitAllYear !

One of the best things about being a blogger is getting to test out great products and share them with my friends, family, and followers. As a fitness junkie, it’s like letting a little kid loose in a candy store. I seriously dig trying out new products and learning about the people and passion behind them.

I was stoked to play around with BeFit’s trio of BeFit Burn, BeFit Whey Isolate and Casein Combo, and BeFit’s Pre-workout. I’ve just started to get back into my training after a month or two off, so it was perfect timing for me to test ’em out.

The Pre-Workout

I’ll start with the BeFit Pre-Workout endurance & energy booster, because it was my favorite of the three. I’ve posted on here several times about my terrifying experiences with pre-workouts in the past. I’ve had hives, the shakes, prickly skin, racing heart, you name it. Right off the bat, the powder is a very slight tint of pink – a good sign, and a lot less intimidating than its scary neon counterparts.

The taste, like the color, was good and remarkably normal. I drank it before soccer practice, a game, and my runs for about two weeks and felt a natural, steady flow of energy. I noticed it the most in days when I was exhausted from work but could still bang out a run at a decent pace or play a whole game without passing out. It didn’t keep me awake all night, and I didn’t have any questionable side effects. 4 stars here, my friends.

The Protein 

Next, the protein powder. I’m more of a naturalist (and vegetarian) so I avoid whey as much as I can. I’m used to vegan, plant-based powders, but I did decide to give this one a shot. I had my roommates drink it at night for a few weeks too, since it has a decent amount of casein that rebuilds muscles as we sleep.

The taste was okay, and impressive given it touts 22 grams of protein in a 100-calorie serving. It also has no sugar (woo!), no gluten, and no GMOs. If I were into whey, I’d totally dig it.

The Fat Burner

I’ll admit right away I have some moral convictions about fat burners. Do they work? What does it do?!! Does it hurt my stomach? Like pre workout, this was my first positive experience with a fat burner. No tummy aches or pains. I’m still not convinced about the whole fat blocker thing, but these are all right. I will definitely use them with my cheat meals and feel a teensy bit better about feasting every week. I like them, and the cute packaging overall. 3 stars here!

Motivation Monday: Staying Fit & Happy While Injured

  Being injured is no walk in the park. It’s upsetting, frustrating, show-stopping, and causes general panic among the most seasoned athletes and runners. When friends of mine get hurt, I joke, Hey, what’s so bad about resting and watching Netflix for a week? When it happens to me, I want to throw my computer throw a window. I’m so bored from watching Netflix and being so still. The reason I run is because I’m restless; now, all that energy has nowhere to go. Except to seriously interfere with my sanity.

I’ve been off the road for about a week and a half, after injuring my back from a colossal case of overtraining. I was loving the changes in my body and energy levels so much that I got too crazy and woke up one morning physically unable to get out of bed. Back strains are no joke – it’s humbling how a little pain here and there can derail almost any activities or plans. The back is the boss of the body, and mine was forcing me to do nothing but rest.

Despite the pain, I’m shocked by how quickly I bounced back. The first day, I was convinced I’d be out of the gym & trails for at least a month. Yet, somehow, I felt better the next day….and the next. I was healing fast, and today, I’m finally read to tackle a short run and see how I feel.

Being injured after building up such a solid base and months of consistent good eating and training taught me a few things about being injured. While I’m no expert, here’s what I learned 🙂

1. Taking good care of yourself = faster healing

When we take good care of ourselves whole-heartedly – which means getting enough sleep, eating healthfully, and working out consistently – our bodies reward us. Particularly in times of injured strife. When we function well as a whole, we’re able to bounce back a lot faster.

 2. Nutrition is key

No matter how tough your workouts are, it’s the kitchen where abs are made & injuries are healed. Protein, potassium, flavonoids, antioxidants, iron, magnesium…they all aid in healing. Since I’ve been out, I’ve been shooting for at least 100g of protein a day to help my muscles, tendons and ligaments sort themselves out.

3.Keep it active

Rest is super important, but there’s a difference between laying-there-helplessly-all-day rest and active rest. Active rest means there’s lots of (gentle) stretching, foam rolling, icing, elevating, compression, and movement happening to facilitate healing. Even when I could barely move, I forced myself through some painstakingly gentle movements and stretches, followed by ice and a nap. The most important thing is to keep the rest of the body functional. Gentle yoga and stretching are great ways to let the body heal without losing strength & flexibility.

4.Rest is crucial

Once I felt a tiny bit better (not healed, but just better than before) it took every inch of self control to keep myself on the couch and off the trails. The problem is that a lot of runners and avid fitness freaks get hurt, rest for a few days, and then go back out there and go HAM – thus undoing all the rest they’ve already done. Unless you want to be on the bench for another week, it’s more cost effective to rest a few more days instead.