2016: Back to Blogging!


The New Year is all about fresh starts and clean slates, so I figured it was the perfect time to get back into this little blog of mine. These past few months have been a busy, crazy, chaotic flurry of changes – a new job, new people in my life, another marathon, and lots of injuries and adventures in between. Now that 2015 is officially in the past, I’m excited to start this beautiful New Year and fill it with travels, races, fitness, and lots of blogging, too.

The past year felt like a transition from ‘kind of a hot mess’ to ‘happy.’ I’m a little older and wiser, and have learned to use running, soccer, and good friends as therapy. I ran my first two marathons in two months, and am already signed up for a full and two halves in 2016. I’ve finally got myself grounded in so many areas of my life, and am beginning to feel happy, healthy, and free once more.


Marine Corps Marathon (left) & Honolulu Marathon (right)

I’m not a huge believer in resolutions, but I do firmly believe in intentions. We can all take a moment to reflect and decide the direction we want our lives to go, or how we’d truly like to live. Some may set intentions to be more forgiving, outgoing, and social; others may focus on building their internal self and finding inner peace. For me, I seek to find balance; a harmony between all the hobbies and attributes that comprise who I am.

I’ve truly missed blogging and all the wonderful women (and men!) I’ve met and connected with over they years. I still read most of my friends’ blogs consistently, and am excited to contribute my own posts to the cool little community we’ve built.

I look forward to reading, posting, and connecting like my old self! Miss you all J

Love & Aloha,



My First Marathon: Twenty Weeks Out


As of this week (this week!) I’m 20 weeks out from my very first marathon. Fresh off a ‘soft tissue’ injury from my first half that I ran a couple weeks ago, the marathon looms in the distance. It’s in the back of my mind when I fall asleep, in my head as I lace up my shoes for each run, and is the little angel on my shoulder as I navigate through my office’s daily slew of sugary work treats. It’s coming, and the time will go by crazy fast.

My Dad and I are running the Marine Corps Marathon in Washington, D.C. at the end of October. It’s a first for both of us, and a great way to keep in touch and train together even though we live an ocean away from each other.

67ea3c6b93b57b935b23cb2593406f96My first half was an incredible experience; I was only 55 seconds off from my goal marathon pace, and it was a serious confidence boost. I could only run half of the half-marathon distance beforehand, so I now know I can run half of the full marathon distance before hand, which means that I can totally run the full distance! The math might not make sense at first, but any runner understands that the numbers are always relative, and the battle is always mental.

Anyhow, I’m excited and nervous to begin training for this shindig. I’m worried that the 40-plus mile weeks will leave me ravenous – will I be able to control my appetite? Are my post-run munchies going to cost a fortune? Will I be able to stay injury free? Will I finally get runner’s abs?!

All ponderings aside, I’ve wanted to run a marathon for as long as I can remember. My number one goal is to stay injury free, which – considering all my other activities – will pose a hefty threat to my progress. However, I’m optimistic that I’ll be able to keep my limbs and joints together enough to cross that 26.2 finish line.

Here’s our workout plan! It’s from PopSugar, chosen both for the easy start and the color scheme 🙂

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Training for My First Marathon (With My Dad!)

My Dad & I in Prague!

My Dad & I in Prague!

I’ve always been a daddy’s girl – we share the same love for travel, reading, history, adventures and fitness. As I’ve gotten older and past the teenage-angst years, we’ve only gotten closer. About a year ago when an aunt of mine commented on how obsessed I am to health & fitness, I simply responded: “I’m my father’s daughter.” And we all laughed, because it was so true.

My dad’s in his early fifties now, but he’s still the superhero he was when I was growing up. He’s a marine. He’s a pilot. He’s always doing races and yoga and sprint triathlons, even a few months after a major shoulder surgery. I call him one day, he’s running eight miles; another day, he picks up the phone poolside in Belize. I want to shake him and tell him: Dad. I want your life.

My plane-flying, yoga-loving marine dad had the brilliant idea that we should do a marathon together. SInce I was heartbroken after breaking my toe a few weeks out from what would’ve been my first 26.2 last year, why not tackle that beast together? And if we’re signing up for a marathon, why not sign up for one of the most popular, most marine-est of marathons around with a time limit of 6:30?!


We’re training for the Marine Corps Marathon in Washington, D.C. at the end of October. While my Dad is an ocean away in California, I’m stoked that we get to train together. I’m also really concerned he might totally kick my ass, since he’s already been training for months and I’m just starting now.

I am so blessed do be doing this with my dad!!! We took our first trip to Europe (and Paris!) together, and he’s truly taught me how to maintain health and fitness into adulthood. I am so my father’s daughter – and I couldn’t be prouder to be just that 🙂