Wednesday Wisdom: Life Happens for You

In the darker times of our lives, we all ask ourselves the same question: Why me? When everything falls apart, when tragedy strikes, we ask the Universe: “Why is this happening to ME?”

Somehow, in the best times of our lives, when we’re faced with love and abundance and the opportunity to achieve our dreams, we ask the same thing: “Why would this happen to ME?”

Light or dark, abundance or despair, why things happen TO us. But things don’t happen to us at all: they happen FOR us. Tragedy gives way to growth, challenge inspires breakthroughs, and even the deepest cracks allow the light to shine in and through.

When awful things happen, we grow through them and become stronger, smarter, and ironically, more open and honest versions of ourselves. When we’re just, we become more authentic and loving and are able to live true.

The reason bad things happen to good people is to make them even better. To prepare them for what’s next, and create a soul capable of giving more of themselves to the world and encouraging those around them to do the same. There’s a reason the most beautiful, open, loving, and courageous leaders were bred from hardship, hatred and turmoil; it made them better.

Whatever is going on in your life, embrace it; you are growing. Your are being prepared for what’s next, and becoming who you’re meant to be.

Wednesday Wisdom: Grow through it


When you’re going through a tough time, navigating the choppy inspirational-quotes waters of Pinterest can feel like a restless, maniacal chore. Like everything else on the internet, the good and true often get lost in the shuffle. And in the case of get-up-and-fight-back-isms, we can keep it old school with a timeless gem from poet Robert Frost: The best way out is always through.


No matter what we’re dealing with – financial struggles, heartbreak, loneliness, or general struggle – all we have to do is get through. Whether it’s just today, this week, or an entire situation, there’s wisdom to simply putting one foot in front of the other. When we push forward, we take the focus off of the problem and place it on ourselves instead. We’re not consciously trying to heal, but we do.

As time passes, the pain subsides or we have the mental clarity to figure out a solution to whatever’s plaguing our happiness. We don’t just go through the hard times, we grow through them. In the process, we cultivate a thicker skin, resilience, and greater sense of self.