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Whistle Fit Pet Tracker Review + GIVEAWAY!

No offense to my boyfriend, but our puppy is my favorite workout partner. She always wants to get out and play – whether it’s a long hike, a quick run, or some sprints on the beach. Heck, she’s stoked on just a walk! We workout together a lot. So when I heard that there was a pet activity tracker that I could test out, I was stoked! PLUS, I GET TO GIVE AWAY A WHISTLEFIT TO ONE LUCK READER – ENTER HERE!


The Whistle Fit Pet Activity Tracker came in the mail, along with a cute shirt and sunglasses for me and a ball for Bama. She went nuts when the package came because she somehow knew the ball was for her. While we played fetch, I noticed there was something rattling inside – puppynip, maybe? Whatever it was, it’s now her very favorite ball.

The pet tracker itself is easy to install on the leash, but it was a little big for our pup. She’s a toy Australian shepherd, and only about 10-12 pounds. I’d definitely recommend a different model than the one we got, as it was way too huge for her. But, it did stay on the collar just fine and she didn’t seem too bothered by it. The entire package included a charger, power cord and adaptor, and collar attachment for the device itself.

We downloaded the app and played around with her at the dog park and left it on for a few days! The pet activity tracker syncs with your phone to let you know your pets location and activity level. It was really cool to see what she was up to! And fun to track her as we went on a hike together and played at the dog park.
The device is super durable and waterproof to handle puppy adventures, and the battery lasts for a long time so it’s easy and convenient to charge. The Whistle Fit also has options for automated medicine and feeding reminders, but we didn’t play with those options too much since our pup doesn’t take any medication and is on a solid feeding schedule.

All in all, we give it two paws up and five stars! My dog is the light of my life (again, no offense to the boyfriend …) and I’m happy to be able to keep a close eye on her health and activity.
The folks over at WHISTLE FIT were kind enough to give me a discount code for my readers! Use code WHISTLEFIT for 30% off until Wednesday, November 23rd!




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One thought on “Whistle Fit Pet Tracker Review + GIVEAWAY!

  1. Furry friends DO make the best workout partners! They are always down!

    Great review- when I get a new furry friend in my life, I we’ll def. need the Whistle.

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