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Spartan BEAST & Giveaway!

I’m ecstatic that we will be conquering our first every Spartan BEAST at the Hawaii Trifecta Weekend in August! We’ll be conquering 13 –plus miles riddled with 30 to 40 obstacles like mud, barbed wire, spear throwing, rope climbing, traverse walls and sandbag carries. Nestled above the ocean and in the stunning hills of Oahu’s Kualoa Ranch, this wil be a test of grit, athleticism and endurance – and my boyfriend and I will be tackling it together.

The Beast is the most difficult of Reebok’s Spartan Race Trifecta – the Sprint, Super, and Beast. The Hawaii Trifecta Weekend offers the grueling opportunity to complete all three in two days and earn the coveted trifecta medal. But, while I’m a little crazy, I’m not that crazy. At least not yet. 

To train, we’ll be hitting the track for sprints, sandbags, and tire flips, which are all necessary skills to compete in such a grueling race. We’ll also be doing plenty of burpees, climbs, and dynamic squats and jumps to get ourselves ready. While we’re both already active and fit and love to workout together, this will be a badass new challenge for us to take on as a team!

To celebrate our race, I’m giving away a free entry into any open-heat Spartan Race on the continental U.S.! It’s super easy – just CLICK HERE to enter the giveaway!

Side note: I am currently reviewing the badass new book, Spartan Fit! Stay tuned for a full review and giveaway in the next few weeks!

Good luck & AROO!


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