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Focus on Your Own Fitness Journey

With such an image and photo-based social media world, it’s nearly impossible not to focus on the physical. How we l0ok, how others look, how we & others look as they cross the finish line with insanely quick times and big smiles. We also naturally focus on the comparison between Them and ourselves, and it’s difficult not to feel slow, sloppy and in adequate.

In the superficial haze of it all, we forget that we are real people – with real responsibilities, day jobs, families and problems. We’re not pro athletes with open schedules to train, eat and rest like champs. We’re not fitness models that train & play with dehydration and carb cycles to get the perfect abs for this shoot or that show. We never know the circumstances of another person’s life, and it’s inherently illogical to compare our lives, bodies and progress to those of strangers.

Yet we do. This is a common, underlying pillar of social media in the health and fitness sector. Try this – look at me, I used it! Or Do this workout/exercise/juice fast – look at me, I did it! While we can look at you and see your taut abs or sculpted arms, we don’t know your true routine. We can’t know the time you have to work out, what kind of day job you have, or the genes you’re blessed with.

Everyone is different; different shapes, genes, bodies, lifestyles and metabolisms. It’s impossible for one thing – aside from simple healthy, wholesome eating – to replicate the results from one person to the next.


Personally, I have always struggled with comparison in real and social media life. I’m a naturally competitive person, and it frustrates me that I may work extremely hard but still not look the way someone else does. But the hard work always makes me look like what it should: a better, stronger, and more confident version of myself. I will always look like me; the only way to find that self love and confidence is to accept yourself as you are, and then work towards they type of ‘you’ you desire to become.




Aloha and welcome! I'm a small business owner, athlete, and mom-to-be in Honolulu, Hawaii, seeking to live the kindest and most compassionate life I can. From plant-based recipes to low-waste beauty to business lessons to travel, this blog is all things real life.

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