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Taper Time!


It’s time to taper, which might be my most favorite week of this entire process. While I do love running and all the physical, mental and spiritual changes it’s brought, I’ve felt really burned out the last week. When I woke up this morning and realized it was time to taper, I was stoked. Especially since I had a bit of an accident last night at soccer.

Last night was my first full-length, full-field soccer game in years. I was beyond happy and full of energy from all my marathon training, but unfortunately my ankle rolled right before the first half.

Being me, of course, I rested for about fifteen minutes, had a friend tape it up, borrowed an ankle brace and headed back out. Naturally, it was only so long before the ankle rolled out of place again. This time, it was much worse.

Today I’m hobbling around, but thankful i at least made it to taper week with a minor injury. I’ll now have no chioce but to rest up for my marathon on the 25th and am confident I’ll have a full recovery.

Even though I am burnt out on running, I’d still have a tough time tapering and staying off my feet. Now, though, I have no choice but to dream about running and freak out about the race.

Happy Tapering!



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