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A Brief Post from London!

From the food and people to the shops and sights, London is teeming with variety. The city is unequivocally diverse; more than I could have ever expected. And just as the old buildings intermingle with the new and state of the art, London has its own unique feel. Old and new, British and foreign, together yet apart.

To be honest, I absolutely loved London. It’s one of the few places I could really see myself moving for a year or two. They speak my language, I understand the culture, and it was easy to slip in to a London state of mind. 

Like most metropolitan European cities, in London, it’s common to walk everywhere. Even with public transit (spoiler alert: those red double-decker busses are everywhere, and used for basic transit) we were walking at least ten miles a day! Since my dad & I are training for a marathon & left our running shoes at home, this was a great way to stay in shape. And, of course, make room for pies & ale 🙂

I’d heard a lot about the pubs serving warm beer, but it’s actually just the room temperature of where the legs are stored (usually the basement.) Since it rarely gets warm here and old stone basements stay co,

It’s not that bad. I found I didn’t mind the temperatures at all. 

I’ll have to do a proper post about the food (veg options everywhere!) and each of the sights, but I’ll upload a few shots from the street! 

Side note: Westminster Abbey is a must-see, and totally needs about five posts. I was majorly geeking out at the Poet’s Corner 🙂 

Happy Travels,






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