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First Day in London!

My Dad, sister & I just touched down in London, England. We snagged a direct flight from LA and got bumped up to first! We got so lucky to chow down in first class – and they even had plenty of veggie options!   
This delish appetizer plate I requested without meat.  

It was pretty bomb.
 For the first three days of our trip, we’ll be staying in Kensington! We got here around 6pm today and had only a few hours to run around.  

Before we set out on a lengthy walk from our hotel to Kensington Park, we stopped for dinner at The Goose, an open, slightly posh English tavern complete with polished dark wood and darkened lighting. 

I was thrilled with their vegetarian menu – I devoured some traditional ‘bangers and mash’ with veggie sausages, veg gravy & peas. 

We downed some beers (it is a tavern, after all) and planned out a busy day for tomorrow! 

We strolled around Kensington Park before the sun went down, and then headed back towards our hotel to get some sleep. We’ve got a crazy-busy, action-packed day tomorrow, so I can’t wait to snap some pictures and see Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, and the other sights! Here’s a few shots from Kensington Park 🙂 Happy travels!



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