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25 Mantras for my 25th Birthday


This week I left the carefree, happy-go-lucky early twenties behind and stepped into full-fledged adulthood. Turning 25 and entering my mid-twenties was equally traumatic and transformative, terrifying and exciting. It’s hard to believe a quarter century already slipped away, albeit filled with wonderful people, memories and places. Now, adulthood feels much more daunting, and buzzwords like ‘career path’ and ‘future’ seem all the more relevant.

Although 25 made me feel a little bit old and unaccomplished (where were my post-colelge riches? My rewarding career?) it did serve as the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel. My 24th year of life felt like an uphill battle in the pouring rain. I’m more than ready for a fresh start.

As I embark on this new, reflective chapter in my life, I’ve gathered up 25 goals, mantras and ambitions to tackle. As happy as I am with my life, I know that I’m not living or working to my full potential. For any twenty-something that’s graduated and entered the bleak, blank landscape of the American workforce, I’m sure you can relate.Our degrees don’t work any harder than we do; they’re only worth what we’re able to cultivate, create and produce. We’re the captains of our own destiny, regardless of whether part of that journey involves higher education.

While having a  degree is always a good thing, I’ve learned to invest greater confidence and power in myself than in a piece of paper. I have no problem chasing after my own destiny, even if it’s a little scary navigating uncharted waters for a while. I’m eternally grateful that this birthday came exactly when it did.

25 Mantras for Turning 25


  1. Travel to a new place at least once a year
  2. To fully accept, love and take care of my body
  3. To make yoga a daily part of my life
  4. To soften my expectations of myself
  5. Let go and work through my past
  6. Embrace both my faults and blessings
  7. Fight for the life and career I want
  8. To complete at least one triathlon
  9. To keep doing races & half marathons
  10. Pursue my dream of becoming of a writer
  11. To take full charge of my finances
  12. To better organize my money, paperwork and life
  13. Play more soccer
  14. Volunteer in another country
  15. To keep learning, reading and exploring
  16. Keep in touch more with family
  17. Take more risks and be more ambitious
  18. Spend more time with the people I love
  19. Be more open, vulnerable and honest
  20. Cut drinking (mostly) out of my life
  21. Be optimistic and positive about the future
  22. Recognize my own strengths and potential
  23. Make a positive impact on the world
  24. Work harder, learn more, and reach higher
  25. To believe that I can do anything – and put that belief to action


Aloha and welcome! I'm a small business owner, athlete, and mom-to-be in Honolulu, Hawaii, seeking to live the kindest and most compassionate life I can. From plant-based recipes to low-waste beauty to business lessons to travel, this blog is all things real life.

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