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Motivation Monday: Thick Girl Fitspo

Happy Monday everyone! Now that summer’s here, there’s a lot to enjoy – beaches, bikinis, bbqs and lazy days. It’s really awesome to start summer off proud of our bodies an comfortable in our own skin, regardless of where were “at” on our own respective fitness journey. Having confidence in ourselves sets us free.

For today’s Motivation Monday post, I’d like to share some fitspo for the thicker girls. Fitspo is a bit of a controversy these days, as some think it promoted health and wellness while others believe it promotes an unrealistic ideal. Personally, I have some issues with most “fitspo” posts because they only cater to a certain body type (small and thin) and some even feature naturally thin women with physiques that are impossible to achieve unless you’re that body type.

As a thicker girl, I feel obligated to post some fitspo that promotes attainable and possible levels of fitness. We don’t have to have a six pack to be fit, happy and healthy. We just have to take good care of ourselves and our appearance will follow suit. Looks are secondary; health (and happiness!) should always come first. Am I right??

Here’s a few ladies & fitspo for the week!


Lyzabeth Lopez is amazing – she’s a kickass trainer and athlete that posts tons of great workouts and motivation, especially for us thicker girls 🙂 Check out her website!


Another a-m-a-z-i-n-g inspiration is Nicole Mejia. She’s all about motivating the thick and fit movement, and even aptly named her company Fit and Thick 🙂 She also has cute workout clothes & accessories on her site!

Here’s some more motivation 🙂 Have a great week!





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