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ENERGYbits Product Review


I wrote a post a few weeks ago about natural preworkout alternatives – how you can fuel your body with coffee & tea instead of getting cracked out on neon-colored, chemical-laden junk. A little bit after, I was lucky enough to get a sample of ENERGYbits in the mail! I’m always on the hunt for  holistic workout options, so I was stoked to give these green little powerhouses a try.

I’d promised myself I’d go on a run when I got home today, but I had a long day at work. I was mentally frazzled & physically exhausted, but obediently forced myself to make my run happen. I figured it was the perfect time to try the ENERGYbits, since I really needed a boost just to muster up the energy to lace up my shoes.

Despite their deep green color, the bits lacked any odor or flavor. They were smooth & easy to swallow, and I took them 15-20 minutes before leaving my house. I didn’t expect to feel much (since they were so small and suspiciously non-neon colored) and still felt sluggish as I embarked into the chilly evening.

About a mile into my run, though, my pace picked up. I docked a minute off my second mile, and my body felt a little lighter and faster with each step. It wasn’t until mile three that I remembered, “hey, I took those tablets! They’re totally working!” Instead of overwhelming my body in a chemical-fueled rush, the bits lifted my energy naturally and comfortably. There was no flushed, red skin, prickly hands and feet, or racing heart beat, but they definitely worked.

I ended up running four miles and a decent negative split. The ENERGYbits felt like they freed my body from its own grogginess, allowing it to have a great workout. My run, in fact, turned my crappy day at work right around! I loved the bits, and would love to have about a zillion more samples to try with different workouts.


Sooo…..what are ENERGYbits??

These cute, green little tablets – bits, if you may – are 100% spirulina. This algae is a super star among super foods, touting the highest concentration of protein in the world, over forty nutrients, and plentiful amino acids to soothe & rebuild cells and muscles. This stuff is downright awesome. As quoted from their website:

“Our organically grown spirulina is NON GMO, 100% natural, 100% green, carbon neutral, has only ONE calorie per tab and contains no sugar, no caffeine, no chemicals, no gluten, no soy, fillers or anything artificial.”

So, it’s basically every fit girl’s dream? Pretty much. Spirulina helps fight fatigue, hunger, and cravings, and promote athletic performance, weight loss, physical energy.  This blue water algae also helps build muscle and strengthen bones, nails, hair & skin. It’s also a great alternative to animal protein! Vegetarians & vegans – especially active ones – are always in need of protein alternatives.

got-algae_energy2Ingesting algae sounds a  little icky, but as I mentioned before, the bits don’t really have any taste or smell to them. They were so easy to take, and I liked that they were effective without all the crazed/crack-ish side effects.

The ENERGYbits were great, but the company also makes SKINNYbits, RECOVERYbits, and VITALITYbits, each with their own mix of superstar algae-based ingredients. I’d love to try some of their other bits, and would definitely reccommend using these as part of your workout routine!

If you’d like to learn more or snag some ENERGYbits, click here!


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