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Spartan Up! Podcast & Giveaway!


In case you haven’t noticed – I am a huge fan of Reebok’s Spartan Race. I love both the method and the madness that the Spartan movement advocates: work hard, be your best self, kick ass, and enjoy your life! Regardless of age, weight, gender or fitness level, we can all bring out our best self in all areas of life.

I’m excited to share that Spartan Race series founder Joe De Sena has a new podcast, Spartan Up! I love podcasts, and this one hits all the right notes: it’s funny, interesting, witty, entertaining and full of motivation.

He interviews all types of awesome people – athletes, professionals, entrepreneurs, CEO’s – that each have their unique stories & lessons to tell. What I really love about it, though, is that it focuses on being a badass off of the obstacle race course, too.

A lot of us will go hard in the gym or on the track and use exercise as an outlet to be a boss in at least some part of our lives. The trouble, though, is that we’re already strong enough to take great care of ourselves when it comes to our health. Yet in the professional world, or the family spectrum, we lack the same confidence we find in the gym. I love that the Spartan UP! podcast (and movement in general) promotes finding that same strength in all areas of life!

The awesome people at Reebok have also hooked me up with a code for one free, open-entry Spartan Race! I highly suggest you guys do a Spartan as soon as possible. It’s such a fun, positive, and memorable experience that I am blessed to be able to share! Follow the simple steps to enter the giveaway – it ends next Tuesday, March 24th! Just follow The Small Kine Hippie on facebook and twitter – the entry form is below.

Good luck & AROO!

Click the link below 🙂

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