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Motivation Monday: Injured Marathon Training

This week has been a pretty tough one. I’m three weeks out from my first marathon and still can’t put any weight on my toe. While part of me is heartbroken, the other part – the stubborn part, I guess – has totally taken over. I’ve been going HAM on my workouts every single day, constantly pushing myself the way I would be if I could actually run.

When I was able bodied, it was easy to get discouraged about my lack of preparation for the Honolulu Marathon, looming a few months and now weeks away on December 14th. Injuring my toe, however, snapped me out of my lack of confidence. Not doing well or walking part of the marathon is one thing; not being able to physically compete was quite another.

My injury has been quite a blessing in disguise; it made me realize what dropping out of training would truly mean. What losing months and months of prep, all of the gains in endurance, fitness, and muscle tone, would actually feel like.

Realistically, I know that completing the marathon is a bit of a long shot for me. What’s pushing me to work so hard is that I don’t want to lose all the progress I’ve built over the last several weeks. I don’t want to have to struggle to get past the 5 or 7-mile marks. I don’t want to start from square one. While I’m remaining optimistic about the race, I’m staying firm on keeping my progress. I absolutely refuse to start from the beginning.

And my mom used to tell me I was too stubborn! Yeah, well, it does come in handy sometimes.

Anyways, here’s a roundup of my workouts for the week! I’m really excited to share my newfound love for aqua running, and how being in the water does nothing but heal 🙂

Monday – Aqua Jogging


I woke up at the crack of dawn Monday morning and headed to the beach with my aqua-jogger in tow. At first, it was a little awkward trying to keep myself straight up. The buoyancy belt kept my head & the tops of my shoulders above water, which was great. I swam out to where I couldn’t touch and tried mimicking proper form. Once I got going, though, I found it was pretty easy to mimic the foot strike & arm movement of a typical stride and keep my abs tight.

The verdict? I LOVE it. I loved being in the water and the lack of impact felt great from my back all the way down to my injured toe. Since the waters were a little rough and I kept getting slapped in the face with waves, I’d recommend trying this out in a pool. If you do venture into the ocean, I’d also recommend bringing a friend. I was a teeny bit scared of getting eaten by a shark since I was getting my aqua-jog on solo.

Tuesday – Aqua Jogging, Lifting & Elliptical


On Tuesday, I was pretty surprised by how sore I was! I was so pumped off of the fact that aqua jogging definitely was a real workout that I made Tuesday a double day.

IMG_2119I water-ran for thirty five minutes on the day before, and this morning headed back to the same spot and did the same ol’ thang. I tried to swim out a little farther since the current was pulling me back towards the sand, and my toe slapping the sand was freakin’ painful. I focused more on my form, too, and threw in some sprints here and there. I wanted to shoot for an hour, but only lasted for about thirty five minutes because I wore the wrong bottoms and my legs were totally chaffing. Other than that, though, water running still gets two thumbs up.

In the evening, I headed to the gym and slugged out 30 minutes on the elliptical. I kept my form as best as I could with my sad little toe, and went to bed happily, exhilaratingly exhausted.

Wednesday – Chest day & stationary bike



I woke up super sore and with a throbbing toe. Although I promised myself I would rest, I ended up going to the gym after work that night and doing a full shoulders workout followed by an hour of brutal, brutal intervals on the bike. I was so motivated by the fear that I was going to lose all of my hard-earned progress that I slugged it out and made it happen.

Thursday – More aqua jogging


I got up early and caught a gorgeous sunrise and logged a freakin’ HOUR of aqua running tot start the day. Holla!

Friday – Aquaq Jogging, bridges and push ups

On Friday I went totally workout-crazy and did an hour of aqua running coupled with sets of wide, narrow and regular pushpus and some bridges. Running was really rough, since all the work from the week was taking its toll on my muscles.

Satruday & Sunday – Surfing!


Both days of the weekend, I one-finned  my way into some big barrels and beautiful waves! It was so nice to get a fun workout in that loosened up my sore muscles and took it easy on my toe.


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4 thoughts on “Motivation Monday: Injured Marathon Training

    1. Sorry to hear about your injury! I feel ya, it’s pretty rough. But you’re right – it’s definitely fun trying new stuff I never would’ve given a chance if I was able to run 🙂 good luck!

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