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Travel Tuesday: St. Vitus Cathedral



St. Vitus Cathedral is about as medieval and gothic as it gets. Nestled within the Prague Castle Complex, its numerous spires & towers shoot so high above the walls that it’s often mistaken for the castle itself. Looming eerily above the city, surrounded by the enormous Vtlava river, and cloaked by a stormy sky & encircling bats, St. Vitus certainly looks the part.

St. Vitus is a massive structure of stone arches, gargoyle-adorned spires with all-seeing eyes and fanged mouths. It’s gigantic doors give way to stained glass enamored walls that reach endlessly up to cathedral ceilings. As a mere mortal, I felt about the size of an ant inside it’s stone clutches.

To the left, there’s a two-story jade and ivory organ, dotted with gold and hundreds of pipes; the upper walls and ceilings are decorated with endless crests for the many kingdoms that called Prague Castle home. Completely untouched by both world wars, St. Vitus is one of the city’s grandest, dark treasures.

I can’t wait to go back. I can’t wait to go back. I can’t wait to go back….
















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