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Motivation Monday: Healthy Fats!

Few things in American society bear a badder rap than fat. We despise, discourage and abhor it; we’ve rolled out a slew of public programs & directives to fight it. We’ve concocted endless chemical-filled, toxin laden “alternatives” to actual food to nix it from the standard American diet.

Yet as we grow bigger and sicker as a nation, the rudimentary logic that fat on our plates must equal fat in our bodies is believed by millions of misinformed minds. Nobody’s ready to accept that we’ve been fighting the wrong enemy all along.

Fat isn’t the enemy, folks. Whole, unprocessed, real food -including fats – is the answer. The reason most people fail at adopting a diet of fresh , nutrient sense foods – the reason they feel shitty, starved, lethargic, & hangry – is because they’re not eating enough healthy fats.

c41dc18de2efed142d89a16b18dcf864Healthy fats don’t just help keep you full. They boost brain, eye, & immune function, metabolism and energy levels. Good fats additionally reduce pain & inflammation while helping protect the body from heart disease, stroke, trauma, injury, and nerve damage.

Polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats are found in avocados, nuts, good oils, and seeds (as well as fish and eggs, if you’re not veg). The USDA recommends that adults down 20-35% of daily calories from these omega-3-riddled bad boys to stay fit, trim, & healthy.

So, there you go: GOOD FATS ARE GOOD FOR YOU. Bad fats – the saturated/trans type found in packaged foods, snacks, and some oils- are bad for you.

Healthy fats are just as important to a healthy diet as protein and carbs, especially for the active. Check out these info graphics to learn more!




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