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Motivation Monday: Starting Fresh!

c545399b8ae92703eb412b899c240bccWake up, wake up it’s the first of the month…

Today’s a big day of firsts – the first of the month, of course, but also a Monday (the first of the week) and Labor Day, which is the first day of the brand spankin’ new semester. In short, today’s a day to relax, enjoy and have a fresh start J

I’m a big fan of fresh starts. Even though I’ve been dedicated to my health & fitness journey for the past few years without a major hiccup or weight gain, life does happen. It even happened to a fitness fanatic like myself – sometimes stress and heartache can overcome the best intentions.

But today’s a good day to start over! Which doesn’t necessarily translate into starting back at square one – a fresh start simply means forgiving yourself of past transgressions, letting go and embracing the blessing of a clean slate.

The best way to get started again (after letting go, of course) is to just get a plan and make the commitment. Pick up some good groceries, meal prep for the busy next few days, and make that shit happen. Go to the gym. Figure out when and how works best for you!

Basically – make the commitment and make it work. Fitness takes effort, planning, dedication, and, above all, time.

For example, I pass the gym on the way to and from work, so I always keep gym stuff in my car and go almost every day after work. That way, my friends are free to go with me, I’m passing it anyways, and I even kill an hour or two and miss the rush hour traffic.

Getting yourself into a routine is pivotal – it’s the simplest way to ease into good habits that will stick around as long as you keep working towards your goal.

Have a happy labor day everyone! And good luck with your fitness dreams 🙂




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