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Spartan Race World Championships & Giveaway!

World-Championship-A-FrameIn case you haven’t seen any of my posts lately, let me tell you – I am a HUGE fan of the Reebok Spartan Races. I’ll wave a flag, shout it from the rooftops, go on endlessly about how awesome my experience was doing the sprint a few weeks ago. It was awesome, badass, inspiring (soo much room or adjectives!) you get the picture, right?

I only did the Sprint distance, but there’s also the Super (8+ miles) and the Beast (12+) miles all filled with killer obstacles like ropes, mud, tires, traverse walls, barbed wire, and spear throwing.

And guess what? Reebok is having the World Championship Race in Killington, Vermont on November 20th! And they’ve teamed up with NBC to cover the next 6 Spartan races and the world championships – so we can tune in and watch!

The sprint was killer, so I can’t imagine how crazy/hardcore the Beast is. And how hardcore/beyond ripped the people competing in it are gonna be!

I’m also super stoked to be able to watch the races on NBC. I had so much fun doing mine and struggling just to get through the obstacles I’d love to see how we all looked as we worked our way through the race! Plus, I’m definitely going to tune in for the Vermont Beast World Championship. It would be some huge motivation to work harder and eventualy conquer the beast distance sometime in the (hopefully near!) future.

If that wasn’t cool enough, Reebok is hosting a giveaway for its 2015 Spartan Cruise – a trip for 2 including airfare and a four-day cruise where you get to a Spartan Sprint on a private island.

Let me repeat – a Spartan race on a PRIVATE ISLAND somewhere out there in paradise. Sign me up!


You can enter this awesome, awesome sweepstakes by clicking HERE.

One giveaway will be for one of my readers – so you guys have a really good chance at snagging a spot on the cruise! 

The Sprint was such a fun event that I’d love to do it anywhere in the world – in fact, I’m already looking forward to the next sprint in Hawaii next march!

It’s a great way to gauge fitness, meet cool people, and #spartanup.


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