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Travel Tuesday: The St. Charles Bridge in Prague!

Oh, Prague. How I adore you. It’s truly one of the most amazing cities on the planet, untouched by both world wars without a single bomb dropped. It’s buildings are a slew of lovely yellows, pale blues and greens, and pastel purples and pinks. It’s outfitted with one of Europe’s most intact castles, which I’ll have to cover in another lengthy post. Just being in Prague is exhilarating, considering the breadth of history, architecture and art that riddles this magical place.

One of Prague’s grandest attractions is the St.Charles Bridge. Spanning over the Vitava River, the twelfth-century bridge connects either side of the vast city, which played an important route in trade throughout its history. The large, cobblestone bridge is bordered on either side by looming clock/lookout towers, with slits from top to bottom for shooting arrows in defense. It’s eerily dark and beautiful, filled with several stone statues and sculptures along its path.

The impressive sculptures are mostly catholic; the most sacred images and symbols are rubbed from gold to black from centuries of hands touching them. I loved the bridge, and we strolled along it each and every day! Even the pictures have no ability to truly capture it.





IMG_5164 IMG_5166










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