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Travel Tuesday: Lake Como, Italy


This past week or two has been filed with so many exquisite places, each beautiful and grand in their own way. Like so much of Europe, Italy is diverse. Rich in history and modernism, a lovely mix of old and new.
Add much as I adored Venice, my favorite place in Italy had to be Lake Como. The lake is much bigger than we expected; a giant v-shaped body of water nestled at the foot of the Swiss Alps. Yes, it was gorgeous beyond belief!


As a water baby and true-to-form cancer, how could I resist?
Another thing we didn’t expect was all the little towns dotted along the lake’s shoes, extending as far back the mountainous terrain would allow. Since we thought the lake was smaller, we also thought it was one city/town. Lake Como is actually a province, made up of a dozen of teeny little towns. Melagio, Varenna, Colico.
The main city by the train station was relatively touristy. Thankfully, our hotel was about two hours deep into the lake by water bus. How rad is it that we were constantly travelling by water bus? We had planned on splurging on a boat tour, but alas – there was no need! The ride was gorgeous and wonderfully cheap. Plus, we killed two birds with one scenic stone.


The lake’s beauty is breath taking. Despite all my travels, Como is one of my favorite places I’ve ever been. I’m a sucker for ridiculously lovely natural landscape.
It’s so amazing that in actually running out of adjectives.
The best part, though, was the small-town/island feel. We stayed in the town of Tremezzo for only a day and night, and the shopkeepers knew our names by the next morning. The cure vintage-y restaurants with their fading facades and chipped paint reminded me of Catalina.

br />


We had a blast in Tremezzo, making friends and enjoying gnocchi and wine in an adorable terrace hanging off the boardwalk and over the lake.

I love and adore this place. I can’t wait
to go back one day!


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