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Ciao, Venice!

We’ve had such an amazing time in Venice, Italy. So much that I’ve knocked out from pure exhaustion both nights of our lovely little stay. I haven’t blogged or written and have barely even glanced at my photos! On a one and a half hour train ride to Verona, I finally have some downtime to settle into some writing.

I am in love with this magical place. Venezia, as its called it Italian, truly is a carless city. The canals take the place of roads, with the traffic & hustle and bustle of a busy city confined to its intricate waterways.


The sleek gondolas and their black-and-white clad gondaleirs are a given. What I didn’t expect was all of the water taxis and even the water bus. Surprisingly, it is one of my favorite things about Venice (I’m a nerd, I know.)

The water bus blew my mind. I mean, you’re on a bus yet it feels like a luxurious tour! Granted, there’s no tour guide and it gets pretty packed. Thankfully, we were lucky enough to snag seats in the front so we were buffered from the crammed interior at the back.


For €7 we had front row seats as the bus hooked around the outer waters surrounding the island and hummed its way along the grand canal. We had spectacular views of different sections of Venice and their various landmarks on our way to St. Mark’s square, home to Doge’s palace, the Correr Museum and the St. Mark’s Cathedral.

The crowd at St.Mark’s was busy and cramped for my taste, but well worth its landmarks. I’m enamored by gothic churches – one of the best things about Europe in my opinion – as well as palaces and museums. It’s arguably the most touristy part of Venice, but I absolutely loved it.

I loved the tall, narrow alleyways and their small boutiques. Except the Ferrari store, which is tacky and totally unnecessary. The area’s most charming quality was its equally narrow canals and adorable bridges. Some were stone with columns, others wrought with cast-iron rails and flowers.


that plagued most brochures and maps and is splashed all over instagram and pinterest. It’s iconic of the city itself.

We finally found it near the end of our day, down the already to the right of the gaudy Ferrari store. It’s perfect for pictures because there’s a second bridge a few years behind it, so you can snap a picture of yourself on it.

The bridge is framed by colorful buildings on either side with window boxes of bright flowers. It also looks over a narrow canal with no other bridges or shops or anything behind it. I wish I took a picture on my phone, since I won’t be able to upload the shots from my camera until I get back to the states. But my Canon Rebel takes amazing pictures, and I can’t wait to share them with you!


My cousin talked me into splurging on a gondola ride. I wasn’t down to shell out €80 euros between us, but it was so freaking worth it. It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. I won’t go too far into our gondola trip, since it certainly merits its own lengthy post. It does involve being serenaded by a handsome Italian man, an adorable fourth-generation gondaleir and loss of amazing pictures. Stay tuned!

I’m quite in love with this enchanting city, it’s rich history and charming people. I am an island girl, after all. How could I not fall in love?



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