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Wedding Ring Shopping!


I found the perfect ring.
I don’t even know anything about rings.
All this wedding stuff is overwhelming. Probably because a lot of the time I don’t know what the hell I’m doing.
I’m a simple girl. I especially don’t know anything about rings.
My fiancé got me a cool, funky engagement ring from a silversmith shop in Indonesia. And I absolutely love it.


However, there are a few downfalls to donning some non traditional bling. For one people don’t even notice I’m engaged, since the tell-tale diamond adorning my ring finger is incognito. Second, a few people – please, never do this to anyone – have asked, “when are you going to get a real diamond?”
Anyways, my mother- and grandmother-in-law came out to visit us for about a week. I absolutely love them, and they spoiled both of us rotten. My fridge and cabinets are exploding with food & we finally have a real couch.
They also surprised me by offering to buy our wedding rings. Since I’m totally naive, having them with me was beyond helpful. I was in there for 15 minutes and completely fell in love!


I knew it was the one the second I saw it. I love that it has the wave-type design, since the ocean is such a central part of our lives. And the diamonds in the center form an adorable Hawaiian flower.
It’s unique, yet traditional. It reflects me and us so perfectly; the first thing rocky said when he saw it was that it looks like me. And it does. It found me as much as I found it.
It doesn’t hurt that it was 40% off and fit – I didn’t even need to get it sized!


The past few days I’ve been so overwhelmed by Rockys family’s’ generosity and how beautiful the rig is and the exciting, terrifying fact that I’m getting married. I’ve been bouncing off the walls, crying happy tears and generally been in a glass case of emotion.
I feel so blessed in this life – with rocky, the island, my family, his family & the love they share. And now, I get to spend it with my perfect ring sparkling on my finger.

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Aloha and welcome! I'm a small business owner, athlete, and mom-to-be in Honolulu, Hawaii, seeking to live the kindest and most compassionate life I can. From plant-based recipes to low-waste beauty to business lessons to travel, this blog is all things real life.

4 thoughts on “Wedding Ring Shopping!

  1. Who cares about the diamond…maybe that’s why so many people get divorced? Being together is so about so much more than that. Some people are just ignorant and yes, very rude. Glad you found something you love, it’s beautiful!

    1. Thank you :)) and I absolutely agree with you! It’s about the love and wanting to spend your lives together, not having a rock on your finger. Until I was offered a fancy ring I was 100% happy with the first one.

  2. What a beautiful ring!
    That is so rude that people would ask you, when were you going to get a real ring, people can be so insensitive at times!
    I have a friend who isn’t a diamond lover, and her husband bought her a pearl wedding ring instead, she gets asked all the time when her husband is finally going to break down and buy her a real wedding ring. Her ring is beautiful and cost plenty, the fact that people can be so insensitive is just sad!
    That is so kind about them buying the ring for you guys, way nice parents!!! Enjoy your engagement!

    1. Thank youu! I agree that it’s so rude – especially because my fiancé and I are young & fresh out of college. I always thought I wasn’t a diamond girl…buttt then I fell in love with them! I think everyone should do their own thing 🙂

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