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Reebok Spartan Race Trifecta in Hawaii & Giveaway!

Happy Thursday everyone! As the weekend draws closer, we all have a little bit more time to make or break the week’s fitness efforts. Which is why I’d like to share with you an awesome event coming to the island this August!

Since we’re an ocean away, we don’t always have a breadth of races to chose from like we would on the mainland. The good news is that the races that come here are the best of the best and totally huge. To the point where pretty much every fit-inclined person I know is guaranteed to be there. Plus, our races attract people from around the world – novices and athletes alike.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, you’ve heard about obstacle/adventure races. They’re all the rage these days, and for good reason – who doesn’t want to sludge through mud, over obstacles and up nets & ropes? Open flames, barbed wire fences? Sign me up. It’s a beautiful experience to connect with your inner warrior.



Trust me – there’s nothing like army-crawling your way through a killer workout and looking and feeling like a total badass while doing it.

Which is exactly why I’m super excited about Reebok’s Spartan Race Trifecta weekend (yeah, you read that correctly) coming up on Oahu August 16th & 17th ! It’s a triple threat of three fabulous, kickass races for any & every fitness level. The Spartan Series is rated #1 on Outdoor Magazine and has been the biggest and baddest of outdoor races since 2005.

The Sprint, Super, and Beast races all have different mileages and obstacles so you can gauge just how crazy and die-hard you are. The Sprint is 3+ miles with 15+ obstacles, the Super is 8+ miles and 21+ obstacles, and – last but not least – the Beast is a whopping 12+ miles and 26+ obstacles. So, naturally, I want to sign up immediately!

The best part of the trifecta is that you gung-ho fitness freaks out there can do one, two, or all three races in one weekend. When they say all fitness levels, they mean all of them. Even if they include fearless & crazy.


What I’m even more excited about is that the awesome people at Reebok are offering a free code to register for any *Spartan race across the continental U.S.! One lucky reader will win today’s giveaway (see below) and get down, dirty & fit.

I also have this code for 15% off any Spartan race for the rest of you 🙂

I’m a huge advocator of races, and am so stoked to help hook you guys up! They’re the perfect motivator to get you out the door and onto the gym or track on days you’re feeling down. All you have to do is imagine yourself covered in mud with fellow six-pack-adorned ladies and gents screaming this….is….sparta!

Okay, that’s a little overboard. But truthfully, races like this push you to be a better, fitter, healthier you. Not only do you meet people from all over the world that share your love for kicking ass, races are the perfect motivator to bust workout ruts and excuses. You have to drag yourself out the door and to the gym or track when you have a battle to prepare for.

The good news is that even if you don’t live in Hawaii, there are tons of Spartan Races across the country! For more on the Reebok Spartan Races, check out their website.

Since this is my first giveaway, I made it super simple: just click on the link below and follow Empress Niwi on Instagram, Twitter & Pinterest on the entry form! Easy-peasy. The winner will be announced next Thursday!

*giveaway is good for any open heat, non-confirmed start time Spartan race in 2014 in the continental U.S.


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