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12 Week Marathon Training Plan

Happy Monday! Although this weekend was yet another rainy one, the island is finally starting to clear up! Which means, for me, I get to go run.

First, let me get things straight: I feel like there’s been a lot of hating on running lately. Maybe I spend too much time in the gym, but I’m tired of hearing people trash talk cardio as if it’s totally lame and unnecessary. Lifting weights is great, but so is running. It’s a total body exercise that pumps endorphins, frees the mind, and improves lung capacity and endurance. If the zombies come, what are you gonna do – lift them? Don’t think so.

I’m pretty stoked and nervous about my marathon this year. It’s my first one – I’ve never even ran a half – and I’m excited but can’t really wrap my head around the idea of running 26.2 miles. In Hawaii, that’s a long way to even drive.

My race isn’t till December, but time always passes by so fast I figure I might as well get started. Plus, I’m not a natural runner – I’m muscular and a little heavy on my feet. Even though I love it, it’s going to take a lot of work, planning and time to drag my soccer legs across the 26.2 mile mark.

Since I’m not exactly a natural, this plan starts from square one. I do have a lot of time, so my focus is more on my speed than on endurance. Endurance comes a lot easier than a decent pace, particularly for me. I could do slow, long distance runs forever. Medium runs? No me gusta. Sprints? I freaking hate them. And don’t even get me started on those damn intervals. I hate them more than anything on this planet. Unfortunately, though, they are worth it. Wahh.

I’m also creeping my miles up slowly because most of my cross training is either lifting in the gym or hours-long surf sessions, which are pretty rough on the body. I also love throwing in a few recovery weeks with less distances and intervals to test my progress, which I did at week 8 and 10.

I hope you find my little schedule helpful – I’m not a pro, but I love training. And you can trust that I googled the shit out of it. So, it’s pretty legit in my opinion.

I can’t wait to get started this week – I already knocked out my recovery run this morning! Ahhh, progress. Why is fitness so much easier/more fun/less painful when you have a goal to work towards? I think it reminds me of my soccer days, when I had a crazy South American coach to answer to. Now, I get to answer to myself (woot woot)

Have a good week y’all! I’m hoping to get a nutrition plan (veg, of course) pau soon. And, as always, happy running 🙂



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