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VeganCuts Vegan Starter Kit!

I’ve been anxiously awaiting the arrival of my Vegan Starter Kit from Vegan Cuts since the day I ordered it. First, I love, love getting stuff in the mail. It’s like getting presents! Secondly, a present full of snacks? Sign me up. I love snacking. I could be a pro snacker. Snacks on snacks on snacks.

I have to admit, I was a little torn between the starter kit and the monthly snack box. Although I’m only a vegetarian, I do dabble in the vegan snack world here and there. I’m not a total newbie, so I didn’t really know if I should snag a starter kit. The starter kit won out because it came with other bright, shiny, non-edible things like some info guides, the Vegucated dvd, and coupons. I totally got stuck on the coupons, though, and figured I could send Vegucated to my sister so that she’s forced to watch it in order to be nice.

The other awesome thing was that the starter kit purchase came with a $15 gift card to the Vega website. This offer’s off the table now, but you do get the $15 Vega coupon if you’re a first time buyer for the snack or beauty box! (DON’T even get me started on the beauty box. Swoon)

So, the bargainista in me won out and I opted for the starter kit. Plus, it felt like a small kine commitment to my vegan-ish ways lately (two weeks tomorrow!) And a box of healthy veg snacks probably won’t go to waste in my house.


I was a little disappointed with how small the box looked at first – I guess I was hoping for some snack-filled monstrosity – but it was filled to the very brim with goodies. It had some info guides from the Humane Society and Mercy for Animals on top, which did have some decent info if I wasn’t already the knowledgable badass I am now. What I loved, though, was the coupons! A bunch of $0.75-$1.00 off Tofurky products, a dollar off of Earth Balance, and a free iced coffee from Califa! I haven’t tried any of their stuff yet, but I’m a total coffee junkie and have been dying to try one. Coupons = A+.



Now, on to the important part – the snacks. My favorite thing about the snacks (besides eating them) is that there were so many little things to try. I really dug the chocolate Bumble Bar and the little mini caramel chocolate candy things that were strewn about the box. I thought it was cool that they also included a glass straw and some immunity-boosting berry stuff. Which I can’t find and am pretty sure my fiance stole.



A few of my favorite things were the sunflower seed oil horseradish (yum!) and the Beanitos chips. I’m not a big chip person, but they were bomb with some vegan sour cream & spicy salsa. I’m kind of upset they didn’t send a giant bag.


Ahh, yes. And my beloved cinnamon dried chickpeas! I was a little weirded out at first, since dried chickpeas are usually more of a savory thing. But somehow, they worked! And they weren’t too cinnamon-y or sweet either. Their nutritional facts were awesome too, so I’m thinking about getting a big pack of them to stash at work.

I haven’t gotten to try the meatless chili yet, but I’m pretty sure it’s delicious. I freaking love chili. It’s the sole reason I even own a crockpot. So, yeah, no complaints here.

Overall, I thought I definitely got my money’s worth from the starter kit. I also got to try a bunch of new snacks I’d probably never buy on my own, so I’m glad to be expanding my cruelty-free palate with such ease and yumminess. I already ordered the monthly Snack Box, so I’m stoked for what the good folks at Vegan Cuts snackland have in store for me next month.

Happy eating,



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