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Aloha Friday: Dawn Patrol

This past week has been a m a z i n g simply because there’ve been waves! My fiance and I have been waiting months and months for the East/Northeast swells to finally work their magic on our side of the island. When the waves are pumping, we make the most of every spare moment that could possibly be spent in the water.

I’m lucky enough to start work at 10 a.m. a few miles away from the beach, so we like to get up at the crack of dawn on Rocky’s days off to look for waves. Unfortunately, the tradewinds get a little cray cray in the mornings and some of the spots have an angry “morning sickness.” So, I go back to work and cry while Rocky waits around for the waves to clean up.

This last Thursday was a beautiful, picturesque island morning – we spent a couple hours patrolling back and forth between a few spots hoping the waves would clean up. There were waves, but they were too blown out by the wind for a good ride. The barrels were crumbly and the outside sets seemed to just peter out by the time you found your rail. So, I went back to work (wahhh) and Rocky came back a few hours later and straight gorged! That lucky foo.

Although I didn’t get to indulge, we got some great pictures. Getting up super early is never fun, but after some dawn patrol action you feel inspired to get up that early every day. You feel like you just got more out of it. You get to see the sunrise, the golden water, the crisp, cool morning air. And the feeling that everyone else in the world is missing it because they’re too busy sleeping 🙂

Enjoy the pictures! And cheers to good waves & lovely mornings,
















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