Travel Tuesday: Prague Wanderlust

Usually my Travel Tuesday posts are reserved to make you jealous share with you the places I’ve been. Today, however, I’m sharing a little hardcore wanderlust of my own.
The downside to traveling is that nothing is ever enough. All we want to do is go everywhere all the time. I actually don’t have a specific list of places I want to go, but I do have my favorite aspirations – and Prague is one of them.
I don’t know why I’m so obsessed. It just seems like such a mysterious, magical place rich with culture, colors and history. In fact, I think I just cracked my own case! It’s the history of Prague that draws me in.
I’m hoping and praying I’ll somehow scrape up the funds to go here this summer. Which, terrifyingly, is in only a few months! eek. well, a girl can dream. And this place sure is dreamy (:
Happy travels,





3 thoughts on “Travel Tuesday: Prague Wanderlust

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  2. Hope you make it there. Be prepared for crowds. The last time I went was from Monday to Friday and it wasn’t too busy, so I’d recommend that if you can. Make sure you go to Zizkov TV tower and Petrin Hill. Enjoy!

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