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Motivation Monday: Progress, Not Perfection

Happy Monday! I hope you all had a rest-filled, relaxing weekend – in my opinion, that’s the best weekend there is, right? I’m on my meal plan/workout/get stuff done grind all week long. When Friday rolls around all I want is to sleep, surf, and spend some time with friends.

And do laundry. But that hasn’t happened yet L ugh.

I always look forward to Motivation Monday, probably because the zillion hours I spend on pinterest will finally bear some blog-worthy fruit. But this Monday, as good as a mood as I’m in, I wanna shit talk.

I rarely criticize – in fact, I usually praise them, especially Jamie Eason’s Live Fit Trainer. I love that there’s meal and workout plans for months on end that are absolutely free. And backed by actual professionals. Yet even they, fitness gods & goddesses that they are, still fall victim to the health/fitness myth that is a huge no-no for me: assuming all women are the same size and body type.

I was perusing the site on my break one day and saw a little “plan generator” thing to figure out what workout plan works best for you. I selected female, put in my height & weight, and entered my fitness level and goal physique. I was expecting to find the right workout plan. Instead, this dinky little generator told me that, as a 5’6” active woman, I needed to lose twenty-five pounds to achieve a “fit female physique.” Err, what? I am fit!

The whole thing pissed me off. It’s something small and relatively insignificant, but I think it’s a little dangerous to have something on a reputable website telling women they can weigh no more than 115 pounds in order to be considered fit. Even though I’ve faced this fact throughout my high school and college soccer careers, it still struck a nerve. Even though I knew it was totally wrong, it still pissed me off.

photo (2)
I’m happy with how I look, regardless of weight.

I know that I don’t have twenty-five pounds to lose. I would be stoked if I could lose another five! I’m a strong, muscular, semi-thick girl. I have soccer legs. And I’m okay with that – I just know how hard it is, especially at a younger age, to accept that fact. I don’t want other girls feeling unworthy because of something so thoughtlessly crafted.

In the spirit of my little rant, today’s Motivation Monday is on progress – not perfection.  Each woman has her own unique shape and her own fitness journey to achieve what she feels is right for her. Some women want to get smaller; some want thicker legs & booty. Whatever her goals, they all take hard work and dedication. So here’s to you, ladies. Keep it up and don’t worry about the scale, society, or idiots in general.

So much love,








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