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Running from Square One

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Today was my first run in over a month! It felt great to be hitting the pavement again, but let’s be honest – it was pretty brutal. There’s a reason I didn’t post my time. And it’s because I don’t care want to talk about it.

The last month or so has been plagued with constant rain. I woke up every morning like a little kid, ripping back the blinds and hoping to see some sun. Instead, I saw rain day after day. And not just normal rain – I mean sideways, heavy, flooding-the-roads-tropical rain.

Since I couldn’t run and I hate the treadmill, I figured it out. I braved the cold water & surfed, lifted, and did some yoga. The problem is that I’m not a natural runner – and, more than anything, running is unforgiving.  I already knew as the weeks passed that I’d end up starting back at square one.

It sucks because I was a few months deep into my training – watching my mileage rack up, my times improve, and feeling like a badass. And although I realize I can’t control the weather, it’s hard not to blame myself. Except for the treadmill thing. But I hate them so much that is never, ever, a viable option. I’ll never understand how anybody can handle that shit.

Ugh. Anyways …

I’m happy to be back. And I knew what I had to do. I laced up my shoes, plugged in my headphones, and took off. I just ran enough to warm up my legs and get my body ready to get back to work. I didn’t push myself for a certain time or distance, but just let myself relax into my rhythm.

So there. After all, I do have my first marathon to train for. It’s 10 months away, but hey … a girl can plan.

The good news is that I’ll have a training plan up sometime this week, with a good mix of short, medium, and long distance runs. And those of you starting out/ getting back into the love/hate running thing … I got your back! Have a great weekend y’all.




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