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Travel Tuesday: Seattle, WA

Today’s Travel Tuesday post is a little closer to home. Although I’m all for exploring across the globe, the States do have lots of little gems.

In fact, one of my cousins throws a dart at a wall-sized map of the U.S. Wherever it lands is where he and his friends venture off to that summer. Which I think is pretty cool.

Seattle is a unique place. It’s grungy, and alternative, but also marked by impressive glass-front skyscrapers and other signs of modernity.

We were lucky enough to skate by without experiencing the city’s infamous gloom – the sky remained uncharacteristically sunny throughout our trip.

There’s so much to appreciate about this place. The shopping? Badass. The music? Amazing. The food? Divine. The people? Hit or miss. Like any big city, Seattle’s full of busy business people that don’t take to keenly to curious tourists roaming around.

Here’s a few random shots of the city, the market, and a few of the gorgeousness that is the University of Washington. I literally felt like I was walking around Hogwarts.











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