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Travel Tuesday: The Streets of Paris

Paris is a magical, magical place. Around every corner are beautiful people (speaking French, nonetheless.) Down every block are legendary landmarks, museums, churches and monuments. Every statue-riddled bridge leads somewhere different, but still grand and huge and breathtaking. In this city, all that glitters really is gold.

The greatest thing about Paris, in my opinion, isn’t Notre Dame, or the Eiffel Tower, or even the louvre. It’s the fact that every single building is immaculately decorated from roof to stoop.

We spent so much time wandering around and wondering if the all-glass structure in the park was some kind of landmark or just another gorgeous restaurant. If the gold-gilted, statue-adorned buildings along a random street were just apartments or something else. The city is the embodiment of beauty itself.

Another lovely little thing – the love bridge! A few bridges around Notre Damn are packed with hundreds of “love locks,” scribbled with names and dates and just plain adorableness. Of course, I had to add mine I the mix – hopefully one day my fiancé and I can come back to see it.











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