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Motivation Monday: Veterans Day!

First of all, happy Veterans Day! I’m the proud daughter of a tough, warm-hearted marine that’s given 20-plus years in service to my country (love you pops!)

My dad’s dedication to fitness kinda comes with his job. At 50, he just ran yet another sprint triathlon, and would probably kick my ass if we ever did one together.

I think being raised by a military man has a lot to do with my all-or-nothin mentality towards health & fitness. Which is a great thing – until life gets in the way.

Today’s Motivation Monday post is a little more personal than most, both because of Veterans Day and my currently flailing motivation. I was totally on track training for my half marathon these past few months, and stoked with my progress.

And then, the unfortunate happened – I caught an awesome wave, got launched by backwash, and landed super weird on my tailbone/hips. Since then, I’ve barely been able to work or drag myself out of bed for more than a few hours. Which has translated into almost a week of no exercise and lots of rest.

I know I have to let myself rest, and my back is the one thing I will never, ever push past it’s limit. That’s something my Dad taught me – push yourself to a reasonable extent, but always respect your body.

Consequently, my all-or-nothing mentality has become a somber sort of burden. I’m not enjoying my rest days, and have had to exercise some serious willpower to actually rest. And now that I’m thinking about going on an easy, gentle run in the next few days, I know I’ll need the motivation and willpower to respect and listen to my back.

Although he’s an ocean away, I always feel so close to my father – especially when I’m working towards a goal. Fitness is a passion we’ve always shared, along with the same die-hard attitude.

And I know that whether I run or walk, my soldier will be cheering me on at the finish line – and every single step along the way.

So, today’s post focuses on the biggest lesson my father drilled into us, from diapers to college degrees – never, ever, ever give up.

Happy healing (and Veterans Day!)









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