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The Perfect Proposal

Last week, I got engaged. The man of my dreams led me to my favorite spot on the island, plopped down on one knee, and asked me to marry him. Standing on the cliffs overlooking beautiful Makapu’u bay, I jumped and screamed and kinda stood there in shock, but of course I said yes!

It was the perfect proposal on the perfect day and at the perfect place. I know logically that nobody or no thing or event is technically perfect, but the love and beauty that life has to offer can make anything feel like perfection. We had surfed all day long, eaten an awesome between-beaches lunch, and were supposedly stopping at Makapu’u on the way home so a friend could snap some photos to show his parents.

Me and my boyfriend have been together for about two years, and besides a few teeny bumps in the road our relatinship has been all smooth, happy, wave-filled sailing. We share the same friends, hobbies, and interests. We spend hours surfing together on a daily basis, which probably would’ve been an issue if I didn’t surf and had to spend hours sitting alone on the sand. Our families not only get along, but totally love each other; our friends love each other too. In short, every single person in both of our lives do and always have supported our relationship. They’re happy for us and have our backs.

I had been expecting a proposal, just because Rocky can’t keep a secret. I could tell he was excited and nervous about something, and since we were spending two weeks in Bali I assumed there was a good chance it’d happen there. When it didn’t, I wasn’t dissapointed at all – because he’s a thoughtful, sensitive guy. He needed to do it when he felt it was the right time.

The day of the proposal I didn’t expect anything; it was just an awesome, beautiful beach day. He was super cute and maybe a little more affectionate, but I just thought he was stoked a swell finally came through! I could tell he was nervous after lunch, and he acted kinda weird when I forced him on a quick Costco run before we went to Makapu’u. He kept saying that “we need to get there soon” and “we still have to go to Maks” while I dragged him through the store, even though we were passing it on the way home.

When we got there, I was tired and even a little grumpy…but Makapu’u always makes me smile. It’s where I really fell in love with body boarding, where I caught all of my first big waves, and where some of my favorite moments with Rocky have been. It’s a beautiful little cove carved into the Jurassic-Park-like mountain, dotted with trees and brush and little tide pools. The water here is a crystal-clear turqouise, and the reef is alive with big, colorful fish (some even as big as my board), kelp, and even the occasional sea turtle or monk seal.

I’ve always said to Rocky that I hope heaven looks just like Makapu’u. Not only is it picturesque, but the waves are phenomenal and surfers are banned during lifeguard hours 🙂 The outer-left wave, called Generals, breaks on the outside and pitches into a perfect left you can ride all the way across the bay, and it re-forms two or three times on the way there. The right side, keiki’s, can pitch some Sandys-like rights that don’t break directly on the sand.

My favorite part is that the same people usually go on a daily basis (like us) so we’ve made and met plenty of friends here. One of our favorite uncles was in the water looking up at us when Rocky dropped on one knee!

Rocky’s proposal was simple, beachy, and somewhat impromptu – and I couldn’t be happier. Everything he did was so perfect, so us, that I’m finally able to write about it with a clear head a week later because I had to calm down from all the excitement. Makapu’u with all our friends is the exact place it needed to happen; it’s OUR place, and it always has been. It’s where we’ve shared so many important moments and our favorite place on the planet. I could not be any happier or more excited; I can barely even sit still because I can’t believe this is really happening.

We plan to wait at least a year before we officially tie the knot, but that’s fine with us 🙂 we both have more growing up to do before we’re truly ready to give ourselves to each other for the rest of our lives. But I’m overwhelmingly giddy to have taken this next step towards a solid, blissful future with such an awesome guy.

It is tough to grow up, but I couldn’t be happier with where I’m at. I’m young, have graduated college, and am living in paradise with the love of my life. We have friends close enough to be family, aunties that have welcomed us into their lives as family, and a world of opportunity. The future we have on this island is full of love, friends, family, surf, and pure bliss. This is exactly how life is supposed to be.


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