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Everything is Connected

My mother used to joke that all of the horrendous outfits she used to wear in the 80’s and 90’s somehow manage to creep back into popularity. I never thought that at 22 I’d be raiding my moms closet for the high-waisted shorts I used to make fun of her for . But it happened, quite haphazardly, on several occasions. Much to her clean, overly organized dismay.
Whether it be a badass denim vest or the lull of our current interests as a culture, everything circles back. Everything is connected.As humans we seem to seek what we don’t have, or what our society has turned away from. We’re naturally programmed to go against the grain.
From experts and gurus and celebrities to our normal, fabulous selves, all of us are bent on the same thing: peace. Harmony, inner calm, a strong sense of self.
With our modern cacophony of technology and touch screens and endless entertainment, what do we seek? We seek solitude, ease, and grace. Our biggest desire is to settle back into our roots.
To curb our chaotic lives we’ve dropped the gym and started yoga. As our jobs moved inside, we’ve dragged ourselves and our children into the great outdoors.
We’ve touted the benefits of clean eating in response to the onslaught of fast food. We’ve traded celery sticks for candy bars and the morning news for a half hour of meditation.
It’s curious that no matter what it happens to be, we’re always seeking something. It’s no wonder that even our ancient ancestors sailed and traveled and traded across oceans and continents. Just like us, they were unsatisfied. They wanted something else, or perhaps something more.
Just as I found the perfect pair of long-forgotten Levi’s in my moms closet, maybe the answer to our desires can be fulfilled by a simplicity that was always there. I absolutely love that so many people in so many different places are supporting organic foods and renewable energy and all of the other earth-friendly trends going around. Instead of fueling our futures by digging into the earth, we’re finally more content with harnessing the power of the sun, the wind, and the sea.



Aloha and welcome! I'm a small business owner, athlete, and mom-to-be in Honolulu, Hawaii, seeking to live the kindest and most compassionate life I can. From plant-based recipes to low-waste beauty to business lessons to travel, this blog is all things real life.

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